emptiness and something else


generally apt

a fair description

my emotions grey


shifting slowly

from almost one

to almost another



a ripple here

a ripple there

things still hurt

but the colors are brighter

more full


not hollow

I'm reeling

but still

I maintain a place

where it all just looks nice

pastel blue and orange

to cover the dark red

it's hard to draw a line

to say what hurts

nice things hurt

colorful and alive

they bring a warm pain

Thoughts of you


not alone

they sting in harmony

with immense pleasure

fond memories

written in stone into my psyche

shouting at me, remember the good

“you gained something from this loss”

each moment

reiterating pleasantry



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Spencer Healy

I go to university, I’m a struggling optimist. some of these are proper narrative pieces and some are more poetry, others lean towards stream of consciousness.